Explanations of the 2012-2013 murals

unity in diversityPortugal

mural 8

mural 9

Human Towers

mutal 15

Giants Catala

mural 16

Catalan Halloween

mural 17

Italy Music on Scene

Italy at School of Peace

mural 45

mural 44

Greece unity in diversity

mural 47

Greece Wall of Peace

mutal 39

Poland part 2

Poland part 1

mural 27


mural 37

Turkey 5 murals

Turkey five murals

mural 4 mural 3 mural 1 mural 5 mural 2

Rug of pattern Turkey

mural 6

Bridge of friendship Turkey

mutal 7

Olympics Greece

mural 26


mural 50


mural 24


5 thoughts on “Explanations of the 2012-2013 murals

  1. Congratulations to the winners! Fantastic work!!!
    Maria Emmanouilidou-Thessaloniki (Greece)

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