2013 EXHIBITION murals


10 thoughts on “2013 EXHIBITION murals

  1. They look absolutely amazing! I’m speechless. I think that all the partners did a great job!

  2. All the students and teachers have done a great job. We are very glad to have the opportunity to participate in this project.
    Greetings from Lousã, Portugal

  3. Congratulations and thanks to everyone…
    I am very happy that we participated in this Project.
    A big thanks to Nick.
    Greetigs from Ankara, Nalan COSKUN

  4. All the Murals look brilliant! What a fantastic work done by everyone. We are so proud to have participated in this project! Thanks Nick.
    Greetings from England, Selsabil Chaabane

  5. Fantastic! All these murals look great. We are so proud to be part of this project. Thanks to all the students and teachers that made it possible. Specially to Nick who is working very hard to make this amazing project come true.
    Best wishes from Catalonia, Judit Contijoch

  6. Thank you all dear teachers and students for being in this project! This is amazing. All murals are fantastic! All looks so beautiful. I hope that peace will come to whole world and this project is a part of that. Especially thank you Nick! You worked so hard and made it. You are excellent..
    Love from Gaziantep/Turkey

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